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Monday, February 27, 2012

Money,money,whose money?

Mr PM, Sir
Are you not the administrator of our money
Are you not the guardian of our money
Are you not the trustee of our money.

Then why are you
Giving away our money
here, there, everywhere
To so many Ali, Achong and Samy
Like nobody's money.

We're tired of watching you
Smiling on the tv screen
Announcing and giving away sums and sums of money.

Instead of charting a better future for all
You are merely trying to please us all.
Is that the way of 1Malaysia?

We know you're struggling for support from us all.
But, alas, giving money will do us no good at all.

What is the point of clinging to power
if we cannot entrust you to take care of our money.

What is the use of winning future elections
if the country has no more money.

Money, money, money
But whose money??


Wednesday, February 1, 2012