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Sunday, August 24, 2008

有突破, 生命更灿烂 !

想当年, 某某部长,对选区同志说, “我要找个本地人当我的政治秘书!”
就这样, 39岁的我, 竟毅然丢下教鞭, 道别妻儿子女,搭上长途巴士, 直往吉隆坡; 当上了部长政治秘书!
一转眼, 就8年。 感觉施展抱负空间受限,断然辞职, 决定深造!
再一次,搭上直透巴士, 道别爱妻,勇往吉隆坡,成为学院生!
7年后, “学成归来”; 在妻儿子女及众多亲友陪同下,"浩浩荡荡"步出怡保高庭,正式成为执业律师!
是转变? 是突破?
洋人说, 滚动的石头长不出青苔;
也有人说, 追求理想, 不惜代价;
更有人说, 有突破, 生命更灿烂!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


安 居 淡 水 镇,执 业 实 在 远;

暇 来 遛 隆 城,逍 遥 皇 后 镇。

BOOKS, Books Everywhere!

1958 - 76 : 读书 〔19 年〕
1977 - 90: 教书 〔14 年〕
1991 - 98 : 秘书 〔 8 年〕
1999 - 05: 读书 〔 7 年〕
2006 - ?: 看书 〔?年〕

书!书!书! 一 生 书 到 完 !

Saturday, August 9, 2008


After hibernating for almost a year, here i come today with a big bang, hooray!
Time flies, and mind u, u really feel it flying when u are in your 50's. When u are young, sayings like 'time and tide waits for no man', ' guangyin shi jian', 'yicun guangyin yicun jin' , etc ,etc, might sound silly to u; but now, i feel that these are so real. Peers are complaining that time is running out!
I remember when i was in my teen age, i admired those in their 20's, imagining myself like them one day, being independent and able to cycle to the cinema in the nearby town with friends. Naturally, i wished time could have passed faster then.
Then,.... coming to the 2nd half of my 20's, i tended to look at those in their 30's (even early 30's) as 'quite old'. I began to feel that time was passing fast...
So, the same feeling towards people elder than me went on when i reached my 30's and then 40's....And now, i looked at those in their 60's as 'old' people, 'thinking' that i am still young!
What when i reach my 60's? Only people in their 70's and 80's are old and i am still not old?
Hopefully i will never feel old even in my .........!