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Friday, September 21, 2012

Of Life and Death

Life is the journey to death
Death is a journey to nowhere
Death is the end of life
tho' not the end of all

There is no heaven
There is no hell
Happiness is heaven
Sadness is hell
It's all in the mind
And nowhere else

There is no God
There are no ghosts
For Man has created both
In his heart
Out of fear
of nature
And ignorance
of life and death.



Anonymous said...

if "There is no god,
There is no ghost,
Men created both" are truth

Who created 'Men'?


citiding said...

Man only created the concept of god and ghost and...
For no living things were/are created by another being/non-being.
If 'god' created man, who then created 'god'?

Manjusri said...

The so-called "god" today is created by religions. And in turn, religions are all man-made! So,essentially,god is a whimsical figment created by man!

citiding said...

Hi Manjusri
I agree with you totally

Thank you for sharing!